Niall McTeague is an artist and photographer from Giffnock in Glasgow, UK.  Telephone: 0771 1803 438

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 Niall is a mainly self taught artist from the south side of Glasgow. A dynamic and vibrant exponent of acrylic and mixed media, Niall gathers his subject matter from his extensive travels through Scotland and beyond. Dramatic landscapes, especially mountains and also seascapes are the main subjects of his portfolio and these themes overlap in paintings of sailing, water sports and skiing which capture the imagination of the viewer. He likes to show less conventional scenes which may seam a little unreal but are never contrived. These include unusually lit skies, unique cloud formations and dramatic seas.

A former member of the British Society of Painters he has exhibited successfully around Britain including being short listed for the Laing Art Show. He has sold many works by exhibition and commission in the UK and Ireland. Niall also works in pen and ink, drawing very detailed period architecture and scenes of nature.

Niall has travelled to all corners of Scotland, walking, climbing, cycling and sailing and always taking his cameras to capture many scenes which may make the basis for a new piece of artwork or simply a new photograph for his commercial portfolio. He was also lucky to travel extensively, at all times of the year, when he worked as a land surveyor which took him to the Shetlands, Skye and Portpatrick to name but a few far flung locations. He has also travelled abroad painting scenes of some of these areas such as the Alps and Morocco.

Niall especially enjoys undertaking commissions sometimes working to a particular brief with subjects and location well defined or simply being asked to provide a painting based on a general idea by the client.