Testimonials and comments


"Niall is a wonderful artist and regularly produces paintings with stunning technique whilst retaining an individuality of subject. His eye for a composition in his photos is unique and leads to some amazing visual effects. His work would grace any gallery!"

Neil Mackenzie


"Both of your recent commissions (Lake Bled & Ards Coastline) were fantastic. Only downside is they are hanging on other people's walls. The upside is that on both occasions the recipients were over the moon as they represented very personal experiences. Thanks again, George"

George Aitken 

"I commissioned my first "McTeague" painting many years ago and The result was a fantastic skiing picture of myself (I supplied the photo!) in the foreground of one of Nialls Scottish winter mountains scenes. Knowing it was myself in the action makes it something special, it still has pride of place on my wall and I take great delight in explaining I am the skier to all who admire it. The second painting I commissioned covers my second sporting love, sailing. I asked Niall to combine a photo of the boat I sailed with the backdrop of the mountains of Arran, fantastic outcome. Both pieces of art, personalised, and beautifully painted continue to delight and provide unique talking points. I can highly commend and recommend Nialls work."

Claire Carnie